Eligibility to Diploma Courses

1. Must have passed Karnataka SSLC or equivalent Examination.

2. Candidate with other than Karnataka SSLC have to produce eligibility certificate from board of Technical Examination, Bangalore, before admission.

3. Must have domicile qualification of completing at least five full academic years of study in Karnataka between 1st Standard and qualifying examination.

Selection For Grant-in-Aid courses:

The selection will be made based on the merit-cum-reservation rules of Govt. of Karnataka. Central counseling will be held at nodal center where selection of candidates will be made.

For unaided Courses:

The selection will be made by the management. A detailed instruction is issued along with the admission application forms. Rules approved by the Government at the time of admission will be final.

Fee-Structure :

For Grant-in-Aid courses Rs.6948/-

For unaided Courses Rs.13405/-

Academic Calendar Each semester shall be of 6months First, third and fifth semester July to December Second, fourth and sixth semester January to June


The college functions between 8.30a.m to 5.30p.m.

The office functions in the following timings

Week Days 10.00a.m. to 1.30p.m. and 2.15p.m. to 5.30p.m.


Saturdays 10.00a.m. to 2.00p.m.

Discipline and General Rules

  • The Institute places a very high emphasis on discipline of students both inside and outside the campus. Students must abide by the Institute rules and agree to conform to the rules and regulations enforced from time to time.
  • Students must attend classes regularly. A minimum attendance of 75 percent in each subject is essential for appearing in the Semester Examinations. In case of absence due to unavoidable circumstances, students are advised to take prior permission from the Principal/ HoD. In case of absence due to illness, students will have to produce a Medical Certificate with an application from their parents or guardians. In such a case, parents/guardians should inform the authorities immediately
  • During teaching hours, the main lobby, the library, the corridors of the Institute and the area surrounding the Institute are to be observed as silence zones. Students must not cause any disturbance in these zones.
  • Students must not indulge in any kind of misconduct or indiscipline or anti-social activities within or outside the Campus. Those found doing so will be punished and strict disciplinary action will be taken by the Authorities.
  • Students are advised to read the notice boards regularly.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from possessing or consuming spirits, tobacco products and narcotic drugs either within or outside the campus, and if found violating this will be rusticated immediately, without warning.
  • Students shall not damage the property of the Institute. Cost of such damage will be recovered from students, or parents/ guardians of the students.
  • Students must always wear uniform and carry their Identity Card when inside the Institute premises.
  • Students are not permitted to use their mobile phones inside the Institute premises.
  • Ragging in any form inside or outside the campus is prohibited by law. Any students found ragging other students will be dealt legally.